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We help retirees who are seeking direction.

Many retirees have dreamed about this moment their whole life. They suddenly find themselves taking the big step of retiring and are faced with the burning question of “Now what?” You’re not sure where to start. You’re not sure how to manage your assets. You are not sure if your savings/income plan is correct. Let’s face it, the financial world talks quite a bit about retiring but has not done much to coach retirees themselves.

We know the challenges retirees face.

You need someone who understands your unique goals, concerns, and even fears. Will I outlive my assets? How will I pay for healthcare expenses? Should I leave some money aside for enjoyable activities? How do I make this all work? These are all questions retirees have currently. First Light Wealth Advisors understands these concerns and strives to help retirees feel less stressed.

We want to empower your retirement.

Through understanding both your needs and resources, we want to help you plan an enjoyable retirement. Choosing the right financial advisor to manage your retirement is crucial. First Light Wealth Advisors is here to help manage and guide your retirement lifestyle. Generating income, planning for the next generation, and helping you to enjoy a life well-lived is what we do every day for our clients.